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I have always believed that good things can happen if you pursue your hobbies with enough passion and determination. Having said that, I still would not have thought my self-taught Photoshop skills would eventually lead me to become a professional designer. Not very long after I first started to experiment with graphic design, I found myself wanting to showcase my work and allow others to do the same. So I learned to do some basic HTML and formed an online graphic design community called Abstract Influence. Several years later I found myself behind a desk creating website designs for a living. Another facet of art that I have always enjoyed is the art of cinema – which led to the creation of Way Too Indie – a site focused on independent film reviews. So in a nutshell, that is how I became a self-taught designer, film critic, and nerd.


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Non-destructive Edits

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Depth Of Field

Focal Length

  • Grunge Room
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Water Splash
  • Flower Bud
  • Vintage Car
  • Dying Sunflowers